Service Oriented Architecture Services


Service Oriented Architecture provides a cost effective way to integrate applications and reuse of business services. Service Oriented Methedologies and Governance process are now well defined going past the premitive practices, and many businesses have begun to realize the benefits of SOA. 


How We Do It:


We carryout thorough analysis of your current IT ecosystem, design realistic future state, develop strategic plans and assist in implementation to transform your organization. We adopt well tested transformation framework and governance process that guarantee success. We guide your teams from concept to production taking the IT and the business units though a gradual process of knowledge acquisition, custom requirements assessment, research of latest technology solutions, selection of vendor technology solutions, supervision of proof of concept, phased approach to licencing, creation of team structure and process changes to align with new technologies, and pilot application release. We ensure this process to be completed in the least possible costs without the grandoise or hype of such attempts thus saving cosiderable costs and ensuring quick return on investment.